Sunday, 26 May 2013

My Bridget Jones Moment

We had a friend's 55th birthday today with a live band at an RSL club. The invitation was very 70s in style and the dress code was 'Status Quo, Rolling Stones, rock 'n roll' - something like that. I started getting dressed and was wearing mostly black and feeling rather comfortable for a wintry Sunday afternoon.

No, I chided myself, lift. You can do better than that MWW - it's Rob's birthday! So I dug deeper and went all out:

  • White jeans I could barely wriggle into
  • A purple satin top
  • A white faux-fur rock-star jacket
  • Hideous purple eye make up, frosted lips, highlighter dust, thinly pencilled brows
  • Curled, teased, flicked and lacquered hair - Charlie's Angels' style
  • More silver jewelry than I knew I owned
  • Enormously ridiculous white sunglasses from the dress ups
  • Snake skin platform ankle boots (that I had to dig out of the 'donations' bag - but having had an outing, I think I might pop them back in the dress up box after all)
  • I even bothered to change my handbag to the silver tote
So, feeling now that a suitable effort had been put in, we headed off. And arrived to find that no-one, and I mean, NO-ONE else had bothered with that dress up bit. There was the odd half-hearted black leather jacket but that was about it. Not even the birthday boy or his wife were in costume. Mother Of A Man Child, I will get you back!!!


Mother of a Man-Child said...

You did look FABULOUS MWW - as always! Funnily enough I took off my white jeans and went for black pants at the last minute - I was going for the slim winter look!! :) BTW, I have a few friends who want your shoes - don't ditch them yet!!

JayBee said...

looking gorgeous anyway MWW.

Mother Who Works said...

I looked like a hooker!!! A hooker from the 1970s no less. Someone suggested I drop by the local pub for a beer on the way home - yeah, right!

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