Sunday, 26 June 2016

Love:Hate IKEA

Who doesn't love a little bit of IKEA? But man - the process is a killer, isn't it??

We moved office about a month ago and needed some additional furniture. Being on a 'prudent' budget, quite a few pieces are from the famous Swedish flat-packer.

Last Sunday, my biz partner Mandy took the long-distant hike out to IKEA and placed the order for the last of the furniture. I brought the appropriate tools into the office in anticipation of throwing it together. The day wore on and nothing.

I called and having waited while they checked, discovered that Mands had in fact, forgotten to pay for said purchases so they'd cancelled the order. No worries, I said, I'll just grab my credit card and pay over the phone and they can deliver it tomorrow.

Whoa up there, girlfriend! 

No - you can't do that! That would be way too easy and obvious. No. You need to come back in-store and do it all again.

Kill me now!

So on Saturday morning, after a frantic week of work,  I decided to rip this thing off like a band-aid and took the not-insignificant journey out to the store. I avoided the compulsory long distance meander through every department, thinking I was oh-so clever ducking straight in via Returns. I still had Mands' paper work so it was all quite smooth and I was feeling super smug and efficient  - until it got to the delivery.

Can I have that delivered to the office on Monday, please?

No of course you can't you silly customer! If you buy it today, there is only next day delivery. That will tomorrow, Sunday. Or, you can come back to the store on Sunday and order it then, pray we still have what you want in stock, and have it delivered Monday.

Not very flexible, is it? I noted, stating the obvious. No, my customer service guy agreed, it's not.

So my Sunday morning was spent in the office. I'd chosen the 8am - 12noon 'window' and a couple of cheery young guys called in advance and lugged it up the stairs. It's built and it's done and for the money, it looks pretty good!

I just hope I don't have to go back there any time soon.....

PS My proof reader Penny is galavanting around Europe, bathed in warmth and culture, chilled wine and delicious food.... lucky thing. But it means there are probably typos galore - soz.

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