Tuesday, 12 July 2016


The Urban Dictionary defines serendipity as:
A very good coincidence, often leading to something really awesome.

You probably don't remember - and fair enough! - a post from last August regarding dark blue ankle boots.

There was a pair I really wanted from Barneys New York - this was them.

I bit the bullet and ordered them because they were expensive but I had hunted so long I was over it. The next day they cancelled my order. I called the USA and they said they were no longer in stock :(

I ended up with a purple pair from China, forced to try and make them navy at some expense and zero success.

So - can you believe that while we were in Hawaii last week, we went to the Premium Outlet Mall and look what I found!!!!
It is navy - the photo is just a bit dark...

Yep - that's them all right. One pair, my size, heavily reduce and.... 50% off that price! Hello!!

Furthermore, at the same Outlet, I found the Rebecca Minkoff bag I'd been eyeing off in my recent bag search, but dismissed as it wasn't very 'everyday'. Seem hot pink wasn't a great seller! So I snapped that up too.

For a small mall that had initially promised so little, it delivered big. Happy days!!

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