Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Say what??

Do you recall my post on the backhanded compliments?

They were nothing compared to the sexism that was levelled at me at Sass's netball recently.

A mum was talking about the 'flu virus and some terrible strain that's been striking people down overseas.

I mentioned that I'd heard on the radio just a day or so earlier, that scientists had discovered that all strains of 'flu have a common 'patch' on their surface that can be targeted as an entry point to kill it. Tests have been run on mice with hugely successful outcomes, far superior in both preventing the disease compared to other vaccines and in treating it compared to Tamiflu.

'Are you a nurse?' she asked, looking and sounding immensely surprised.

Now, no offence to nurses; they are some of the most amazing and supportive people I've ever met - but I was so shocked and actually said, aloud:

'Maybe I'm a doctor.'

She didn't get it.

'Oh, are you?' she ask.
'No. I work in advertising,' I said, with no hint of apology.

She still didn't get it and the conversation moved along.

But why couldn't I have been a doctor? And why couldn't I just have a passing interest in such discoveries without being a health care professional? The mind boggles.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Entrepreneur

Turned out that looking good was his best asset. We constructed the building according to 'Angelo's' advice, but when he came back and looked he said no, they couldn't work with that. Geoff (my partner and the builder) declared him a 'nuff nuff', assured me he had no idea about building and our search for a new window guy put us back about four months :(

After a couple of quotes and meetings we now have a guy - perhaps not a model - but who certainly knows what he's talking about.

So it was with some surprise last week that I opened an email Geoff had forwarded me from   'Angelo' (yes, I did change his name to protect the guilty!) with an unrequested quote. It was now at least 4 months since he'd said he couldn't help, and now he had great pleasure in submitting plans and a quote for.... drum roll..... $70,000!!! Laugh!! (Only because we're sorted, I confess, otherwise I may have wept.)

This wasn't just out of the ballpark of what he'd originally estimated, it wasn't even in the same galaxy! We'd have to put one of the kids on eBay for that. Ridiculous!

I emailed Geoff back suggesting he'd enjoy declining that one. He did, politely. And we assumed that was the end of it, but hell no! Here's what he got back!!

Thank you for you [sic] time in this matter and look forward to a day we can do business.

On another note, i also market a travel club, our product is called 'x' 
(I've removed it - I can't take on that kind of responsibility!)
We customise amazing holiday packages at a wholesale price
Price Pledge - 100% best price on the market or you go for free!
(Website link also removed - message me if you really, really want it!!)
I would love to know your opinion about our club, once again thank you for your time.

All I can say is I hope his knowledge of travel exceeds his knowledge of building....

The Moroccan Bath

The girls and I have come up to Dubai for a few days to escape the Melbourne winter. It's in the 40s so we've thawed out - quickly. ...