Thursday, 28 April 2011

Africa: The Sangoma

Africa. Wow. It was absolutely amazing. One of the highlights was attending a healing ceremony, run by a Sangoma or healing lady, in Zululand. The Zulus worship their ancestors and when things aren’t going so well, they consult the Sangoma who chats to said ancestors and tells you what to do to make them happy and then your troubles will resolve.

It’s raining. In fact, it been raining for a couple of days as we pick our way through the tiny village of curious children, goats, slush, chickens, animal poo and round mud huts to the larger one where the ceremony will take place. There are just us and the locals and everyone needs to remove their soggy shoes before entering. The drumming starts, there’s lots of singing – and the occasional ‘Jesus’ slips into the lyrics which is a tad odd, but otherwise all as you’d imagine. And boy, can these people dance and sing! Even the 18 month old toddler has rhythm.

There are offerings to the Sangoma and her apprentices when they arrive – fruit, money, sweets and alcohol. She passes around a bottle of brandy – to us first – and we take a swig. This is rapidly followed by beer, then a bottle of 'Brutal Fruit' – which I guess is some kind of vodka cruiser? - and drink some regardless.
MWW having a slug of the..?

Part of the ceremony involves the apprentices washing everyone’s feet in a plastic tub. We’re invited first and balance precariously as each foot is thoroughly washed in the basin of cold water. Once the feet of all 50 or so people there are washed, the water, which is looking a bit murky by now, is then collected into empty plastic soft drink bottles for the purpose of – and I swear I am not making this up – giving to sick people to drink!!! Because if you weren’t really sick before, by god after a few slugs of that foot water, you sure will be!

Perhaps don’t try this at home.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Mother Who Works: Happy birthday Jazzy-angel

Mother Who Works: Happy birthday Jazzy-angel: "Sixteen years ago today, our gorgeous girl Jasmine was born. And almost 2 years ago she died.If she'd lived forever, we couldn't have loved ..."

Friday, 8 April 2011

Happy birthday Jazzy-angel

Sixteen years ago today, our gorgeous girl Jasmine was born. And almost 2 years ago she died.
If she'd lived forever, we couldn't have loved her more.

We sent up a lantern this morning to wish her a happy birthday.

Still miss her every day.

Love you Jazzy, xxxx

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Africa - here we come!

We’re off to Africa on Friday – the day school winds up for the term and as usual, we’ve cut it extremely close. I do like to maximise the time we get when we go away. The kids finish at 2.30 and we’re on a 11.50pm flight. It should be fun. We’re going with some friends and their two boys, so we’ll have 5 kids with end-of-term exhaustion and a flight that goes via Perth to Johannesburg and then straight on to Manzini in Zululand. It seemed like such a good idea to “just get there!”  when we were booking.

As a consequence, it’s been a very busy week. We’ve been to the doctors for immunisations, I’ve been to a workshop on school-leavers, a dinner out with clients, I’m on Cub duty again tomorrow so have shopped, cut, glued, knotted and set up the hall in preparation for that, I’ve had a PSG (Parent Support Group) meeting for my son and I did PMP (I don’t even know what that stands for… Physical Movement Program??) for the youngest (I only injured one kid!), I had a waxing appointment, booked the car into the airport car-parking and managed to get the invitations designed, printed and posted for the pending 18th birthday party. And, lord forbid, I’ve even squeezed some work in!! (My work mate Mandy does on occasion accuse me of being Mother Who’s Supposed To Be Working….)

Amongst it all, I even managed to look at a map, so I have some vague idea of where we’re headed, despite having had the comprehensive itinerary for some weeks. I walked with a friend last night who asked many embarrassing questions, like how long’s the flight, what game parks are we going to and what’s the accommodation is like –to which I answered “I don’t know”, “I can’t remember” and “I have no idea”. So, business as usual for our style of travel – a surprise when we get there!

But, what I did manage to do at work this week was catch up with the Digital Guru as some people have said they’re having trouble commenting. (I hope that is the case, as I get precious few…) Anyway, the easiest thing is to start with your selection from the 'Select a profile' drop down box of “Comment as”; Anonymous is fine and add your name to the comment if you want to – or not! There is one of those crazy words you have to copy like 'Zolic' to avoid spam, but please persist!!!

Hopefully I’ll manage to get a quick post in before we head off…. MWWxx

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