Saturday, 27 April 2013

On The Gear

There's been a lot of media attention on the 'supplements' used by footballers lately, so I thought it was time to come clean and talk about my own foray into some pharmaceuticals  - in my case, not peptides, but HRT.

Please gasp is surprise that MWW could possibly be old enough to be going through 'the change' but yes folks, it seems the symptoms of peri-menopause are here - the main one really, being incredibly fucking irritable!!! I initially thought it was living with a 14 year old daughter, and I did feel considerably better after she got on that bus to boarding school, but I was still grumpier than I remembered I used to be. (Apparently this hormonal roller coaster effects your memory too - so maybe that's not true. I'll let you all be the judge of that.)

My GP sent me off to my secret-women's-business doctor, ie the gynecologist. (Men? Any of you left still reading?) I asked her if she could just write a script for everyone at home to tidy up and perhaps that would resolve my hair-trigger tendency to yell "Would you all please just pick your stuff up!!". She said if that were possible, she'd have written herself one of those years ago. Instead, she prescribed HRT patches.

Within a week, I felt noticeably better and my hair has stopped dropping out as well. The first might be psychosomatic but the second was tangible. Either way, it seems to be working.

Which brings me to my business partner, Mandy.... yes, she likes to remind anyone who cares to listen that I'm older than her by four and a half years, but she too can get a little short and snappy. I've already threatened her that one day, when she's not looking, I will quietly stick a patch on her!

Me & Mands

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Leading By Example

Driving home in the 5.30pm crush from the supermarket, a car up ahead was unnecessarily holding up the crowd.

MWW: Oh come on! Just move - drive aroooooound the corner!
Sass (from up the back): Yeah! Get out of the way you silly cheese platter!!
MWW: Cheese platter??? Where did you get that from?
Sass: Because that's what you called the guy in car park at the supermarket
MWW: No I didn't! I said get out of the way you silly P-Plater!

But I don't know, maybe Cheese Platter will catch on??

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Still giving.

Last Friday night, my folks were in town and offered to take us to dinner - my choice. In the interest of ease and being agreeable, I booked The Club at 6.30pm. A little later than they like but do-able.

At 5.40pm on the day, the phone rang.
Dad: "What time will you be here?"
MWW: "I've just walked in the door. Elle's just walked in. Geoff's in the shower - I guess we were thinking we'd leave about ten past six....."
He explained they'd been upgraded to some 'retreat' section of The Club and part of the attraction was free drinks from 5.30pm.

Now it needs to be said that my parents (and us too for that matter) are well able to pay for our own drinks, but it does prove yet again that everyone loves something for free.

"Well, just get here as soon as you can," he implored. But that wasn't the end. "What time do you think you could get here? I'll need to meet you in the lobby because you can't get up here on your own - you need to be a member." Oh, the exclusivity!
"About ten past six?" I ventured. That seemed to do it.

We scurried about, getting ready and piled in the car. The parking gods were on our side and we nabbed a park on the street not far from the entrance. The meter needed $4 of coin. It was my second trip into town for the day, so my spare coin was a little light. Luckily, Sass had brought her purse, so between the two of us, we got the required amount. I hit "OK" and immediately realised I just paid for for the BMX X5 in Bay One ahead of us and our Bay Two was still sitting on 'Expired'. Bloody hell!!

We started collecting coins again, digging into the depths of my hand bag and suggesting to Elle that she write a note to said BMW owner in the hope of them being grateful. We got to $3.80 and I was just mustering up the final 5c pieces when the owner of the car in Bay One arrived back, jumped in his car and drove off!!! I asked Geoff if he wanted to drive up a bay but at that stage we'd all lost interest so I shoved in the last 20c and hit "OK" again and we rushed off to find Dad awaiting our arrival.

I hope someone got to enjoy the $4 of parking courtesy of MWW!

Here are my other acts of unconscious generosity - here.

Monday, 15 April 2013

The Riddle

Sass asked me yesterday; if I now have my own business, why am I still working?

What an excellent question.

Answers anyone??

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Lantern

We sent a latern up for Jaz's 18th birthday, like we did last year, but this time we had the idea to write her messages. Worked for me!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Happy 18th birthday Jaz.

I can't help but wonder what you'd be like as an 18 year old.

Love you my gorgeous girl and still miss you every day.

Mum xx

If you're having trouble viewing the video, you can click this link.

And again, thanks and love to Sarah for perfectly capturing Jaz on this one.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I'm not usually one for pranking. Well, okay, there was the time I jumped into a colleague's auto correct on her computer and made 'and' turn into 'fuck'. That was pretty funny! She thought she had a virus and was about to call GoHelp when I had to confess. She's actually now a friend - who'd have thought?

Anyway, heading up to Nagambie to camp over Easter, we were along side a Prado that had a sign in the back window. "For Sale. $48,950" and a mobile number. It wasn't new - that was a ridiculous price.

"They're dreaming!" said Geoff, quoting the legendary line from The Castle.

Elle decided to text them. "$48,950. You're dreaming!"

The advantage of a van with tinted rear windows is no-one can see in the back. Geoff stared resolutely ahead, I continued to focus on the quiz in The Age as Elle gave us a howlingly funny commentary of what was going on in the car along side us.

Woman passenger reaching down to get mobile.
Woman accessing text message.
Woman looking shocked.
Woman almost getting whip lash, flicking her head in every direction to see who had just sent that text.
Car speeding up and slowing down in search of the culprit.

While we were a picture of innocence.

Oh we think we are so funny!!!!!

The Moroccan Bath

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