Wednesday, 24 December 2014

It's a wonderful time of the year.

I love Christmas - the parties, the shopping, the food - what's not to love?

It's been a fairly cruisey lead up this year which has been very different. I'm all organised and ready to go - we even have the table set and I've been for a run.

I was at a party last week when a woman I'd only just met was sharing that due to her husband's recent retrenchment, they were all sorted and she was missing the 'week before Christmas drama'. It's not often you get such a candid confession. Most of the time we prefer to have a moan about how busy we are and how much there is to do - but in truth, it's fun.

The slower pace isn't bad though. I remember those far-too-few Christmases with four kids (including the toddler, the teenager and two in between), a corporate job that had me to be nailed to my desk until just before the day, going to 10 parties and breakups, buying 35 presents and hosting 22 on the day - ahhhhh - those where the days!

If you do find Christmas with the relatives all a bit much, perhaps you might like to recap my post of the tautology of dysfunctional families. Just to be assured how normal you are.

Anyway, wishing everyone a very merry Christmas - enjoy1

Monday, 15 December 2014

Blushing like a teenage girl.

I'm so bored with the tedious project that is our shed renovation. It's been two year of plans, permits and money spent and so far nothing has actually happened. But I live in hope that 2015 may in fact be the year. Stay tuned.

We're planning to replace the existing building and add a loft and I'm dead keen to have sloping, loft-like windows that can be fully opened. It's been a task, but I have finally located a company that can do it. After a month of dealing with people in Sydney who clearly have no interest, I was directed to their Melbourne rep who - for a change -  has been incredibly responsive and helpful. Let's call him 'Angelo'.

I sent him engineering plans and the window schedule, he spoke to the engineers about the angle, he advised the maximum degree, we discussed automated versus manual, he got me a estimate, I requested a drawing so I could understand how the opening worked, he sent one but I couldn't work it out. I rang him on Friday and, ever helpful,  he said no worries, he'd pop around and explain it. Great!

Having dealt with 'Angelo' on the phone and via email for a while now, I had conjured up an image of a friendly, portly, middle aged southern European guy. But when 'Angelo' turned up - O...M...G! I already knew he was friendly and cheerful - but I wasn't expecting HOT.

I opened the door (wearing ugg boots, jeans and a T - thankfully I did have make up on!) and was almost rendered speechless. He's about 6'8" (I'm not exaggerating), athletic and just, well, so amazingly good looking I actually started blushing!!! Seriously, I can't even remember that happening when I was a teenager! It was so embarrassing. I couldn't even look at him.

I must have said hello and come in because next minute we're standing at my shamefully messy desk and I'm rummaging for plans that I'd not previously bothered to locate. Just as well as it so happened as it gave me a moment to try and collect myself!

Anyway.... he was very helpful and explained the drawing and even came up with an idea that will look better and reduce the cost - so he's not just a pretty face!

When he left, I was still so flustered I couldn't focus on my work, thinking I need to tell someone how hot the window guy is - so I sent Geoff a text!

Okay - this isn't a picture of  'Angelo' but you get the idea.

I have got a couple of other companies quoting but I'm pretty sure he's got the job. Because he's so helpful of course!!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Is more 'more' at Christmas?

We've not had Christmas at home for a few years - we were in Japan last year, at my folks the year before, Cambodia the year before that. So it is with much excitement that this year we're home!

I'm actually at risk of being a 'bah humbug', but the decorations have reached a frenzy.

Geoff and Sass came back from the hardware store ladened with cheap landfill from China. I know I should let it go but the Greenie in me was so appalled that I was compelled to voice my objection, only to be told by Sass that I was mean and that she'd be a lot happier if I just went away and she and Dad could continue their merry (junk-filled) journey without me! (Yes, I probably did deserve that).

But there are now so many lights on the front of our house, I'll bet we're a beacon to those in outer space.

The internally lit, fan-assisted, inflatables. Can't wait for the power bill!

However, I also realised that I could be accused of being a hypocrite as I recently purchased these deer for the woodlands scene I have going on, on the kitchen table. 

Aren't they adorable? Okay - they're also incredibly kitch but I am fond of a bit (or a lot!) of kitch!

So maybe it's more of the style of Geoff and Sass's crap that I'm objecting to?

Still - the question remains; is it possible to overdo Christmas??

The Moroccan Bath

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